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SEASTATE 2 : as evil disappears

In 2002, an island called Pulau Sajahat disappeared from the hydrographic charts of Singapore.

In Malay, "jahat" means “evil", but may also be colloquially referred to as “naughty”. After the first exhibition of the work in Manifesta 7 (2008), it was discovered that Pulau Sajahat Kechil, an islet adjacent to Sajahat and the Sajahat Buoy, a navigation marker, also disappeared from the charts.

To fully unravel the gravitas of the ‘disappearing’, the rebuilding of the Sejahat Buoy has been undertaken, along with a graphical representational study of Pulau Sajahat Kechil.

First exhibited:
Part 1 - Manifesta7, 2008
Part 2 - Venice Biennale 2015

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