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SEASTATE 4 : line in the chart

Surveying the Singapore perimeter in a recreational context, line in the chart (2008) is based on an image taken by Charles Lim when he encountered a sea wall along the northeast border regions of Singapore.

The encounter, until today, remains familiar but perplexing. On the one hand, the wall in the sea, as sudden barricade, a line in the chart that marks Singapore, is markedly highlighted by multilingual signs, a quaint signifier of many post-colonial publics; but on the other hand it activates an insight into Singapore’s relation with the sea and its steady shifts, as almost-extant presence.

Line is considered to be a formative work in the SEA STATE series. When it was first presented, Lim staged a lottery where the winner got to sail with the artist to the edge of the sea wall. In activating and occupying the perimeter, the hope was that a discussion would be generated, about the gravitas that usually gather at points of territorial division.

First exhibited: And the Difference is, NUS Museum, 2008

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