SEASTATE 9 : proclamation 

SEASTATE 9 : proclamation : DRAG DROP POUR

SEASTATE 9 : proclamation : the sandpapers

(Original Enactment: Ordinance 8 of 1872)
(30th March 1987)
An Act to provide for reclamations and to validate and facilitate leases or grants of
foreshores and submerged lands.
[11th October 1872]
Declaration regarding reclaimed lands

—(1) The President may, by proclamation published in the Gazette, declare any lands formed by the reclamation of any part of the foreshore of Singapore, or any areas of land reclaimed from the sea to be State land, and thereupon that land shall immediately vest in the State freed and discharged from all public and private rights which may have existed or been claimed over the foreshore or the sea-bed before the same were so reclaimed.

(2) All land declared to be State land under this section shall be subject to the State Lands Act (Cap. 314).

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